A bold photo of Malaika Arora: Those who saw Malaika Arora’s pants were shocked and went out late into the night

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Photo of Malaika Arora: Malaika Arora was caught wearing such a dress late at night, and everyone was surprised to see her. In fact, she wore trousers made of such a cloth, which was still unfamiliar to the common people. It was first introduced by Hollywood stars.

Bollywood diva Malaika Arora looks amazing at 48. Each and every one of her styles is quite killer. Hasina pays a lot of attention to her fitness because all of her outfits look great on her. From Western to Indian clothing, this bala knows how to add boldness. This is why people keep seeing every look of the wreath. Her gym gets word of mouth every day, but she’s also caught on camera at events and night outings. A similar thing happened recently when the casual look of paparazzi was caught. Meanwhile, everyone’s eyes stayed on her pants. (Photo courtesy of Yogen Shah/indiatimes)

Stylish look of Malaika caught on camera

In fact, while leaving the restaurant late at night, Arora Malaika was caught on camera by the paparazzi, and her appearance drew attention. In the published photo, Hasina is seen wearing a white top and stylish pants. Despite the fact that the pants she’s wearing have been getting everyone’s attention over and over again, she looks great. She caught her eye with her glamorous style.

Picture shown on corset tank top

Malaika kept a casual look for this outing, but also paid attention to how to style it. She wore a white corset tank top featuring a strap with a deep scar neckline. At the same time, this top has a deep U-neck line at the front of the hemline, which is a trend these days. Hasina was caught wearing a top and fiercely showing off her body. This type of top is very soft, smooth, stretchy and comfortable.

See stylish avatars in the video

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eye-catching pants

The pants the actress wore with her top were the lifeline of her appearance. This is because Malaika created a different glitter effect by matching holographic ripped jeans with this top. At the same time, the torn pattern stood out inside, creating an attractive look. The fabric craze started with Hollywood celebrities who can now also be seen in Bollywood. Malaika already has these pants, but you can also wear them on a coffee date or shopping.

The finished chick looks like this.

Malaika completed the Uber chic look by matching a stylish white belt and shoes. At the same time, she was holding an ivory-tinted sling bag. The diva left her wavy hair with dewy foundation, shiny highlighters, red lips, and her snoring eyes for makeup. Hashina’s finish this time perfectly complemented her look.

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