Akanksha Puri did the photo shoot wearing a bralette oversized shirt, and boyfriend Mika Singh commented

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His lover Akanksha Puri, who came to the Swayamvar show and made the heart of popular singer Mika Singh, is celebrating her birthday. Akanksha gave her fans a special gift for her birthday. Well, it would be more accurate to call it a fancy treat.

Akanksha Puri shared a birthday post on Insta. After reading this article, the happiness of the fans has no place. Akanksha shared her glamorous photo. Akanksha is showing off in an oversized black shirt. Akanksha carried this shirt with a black bralette.

The glamor style of the actor in the photo does not leave the eyes of fans. Akanksha looked great with open hair, shiny makeup. What to say about Akanksha’s performance. He seldom praises Akansha while posing as a killer.

Sharing this photo, Akanksha wrote My Birthday Vibe. Happy Birthday Her darling Mika Singh also commented on this post by Akanksha. As he wished his lover a happy birthday, he wrote – Happy birthday sweetheart.

Celebrities and fans sincerely congratulate Akanksha on her birthday. Seeing photos of Akanksha’s killer looks and Super Duper sizzling, users are writing Beautiful, Uff, Super Gorgeous, Hi Summer, Fire in the comment box.

By the way, Akanksha continues to share her glamorous photos on social media. Fans of her bold and murderous photos are seen every day. She is a fan favorite. People find Akanksha impressive for her style and fashion sense.

Akanksha has appeared in many TV shows. She recently arrived at Swayamvar by her special friend Mika Singh. The two have known each other for nearly 12 years. Seeing Mika looking for a bride, Akanksha realizes her love and comes to the show Swayamvar.

In the finale of the reality show, Mika chose Akanksha as her vote. The two decorated each other with wreaths. Currently, the two are dating beyond the stage of friendship. He has no plans to get married yet.

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Boyfriend Mika Singh first posted this comment to unofficial news on a post of Akanksha Puri wearing a bralette oversized shirt for a photo shoot.

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