Anupama’s daughter-in-law caused a sensation on social media by sharing a video of Bo*ld wearing a very deep-necked dress

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Actress Nidi Shah, who became famous from house to house with ‘Anupama’, has recently been attracting attention for her looks. In her broadcast as well as in her real life, she has driven people crazy with all of her style.

New Delhi: ‘Anupama’, one of the most loved shows in home theaters, has received recognition from house to house. Every character in this show is special and very important in their own way. One of these names is also the name of Nidhi Shah. Nidhi, who played Kinjal on the show ‘Anupama’, is no longer interested in any identity today. She has been in the news for a long time.

Nidhi continues to be active on social media.

Nidhi has already enchanted the audience with her incredible acting. In addition to her acting, the actress is often in the news because of her daring looks. Nidhi is very active on social media to connect with her fans. She captures the attention of her fans by sharing her daily photos and videos of herself. Now again, Nidhi showed off her daring look.

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I see Nidi’s warm side again

Nidhi recently shared a video of herself made up of a lot of photos on Instagram. In her videos, she shows off a killer look every moment.

The actress can be seen in a red blazer and she can be seen in a bold style in a black bralette dress.

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The video went viral on social media.

To complete this look, Nidhi wore light makeup and left her hair open. Fans who have seen this video are tying up their legs of praise. She was so glamorous and hot in this look that it was hard for her guys to take her eyes off her.

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Nidhi Shah also appeared in this film.

Significantly, Nidhi began her acting career with the Bollywood film ‘Mere Dad Ki Maruti’. Since then, she has also appeared in Shahid Kapoor’s film ‘Phata Poster Nikla Hero’. Nidie entered the small screen through ‘Zanadil Sedore’. But her ‘Anu Fama’ made her a pseudonym.

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A post in which Anupama’s daughter-in-law shared a bo*ld video wearing a very deep neck dress, caused a sensation on social media and first appeared on informalnewz.

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