Desi-colour-obsessed Sanjeeda Sheikh, wearing a very deep-neck blouse with a sari, went viral on video

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Sanjeeda Sheikh has started living in a lot of debate these days because of her looks. Often her new look remains in debate among her fans. Although this time, the actress’s Desi color has gone up.

New Delhi: Celebrity actress Sanjeeda Sheikh has long left the TV industry, but is still under discussion. She has won the hearts of her audiences with her diverse characters in her acting career, but her stylish looks and private life have kept her out of the news for a while. Sanjeeda is currently constantly receiving offers from several projects. In such a situation, her fans want to see her on her screen, while on the other hand, there are people who expect her hot performances.

Sanjeeda started being very active on social media.

Sanjeeda is very active on Instagram. Fans are excited about her new look. The actress also never breaks her fans in this matter. Sanjida is drawing the attention of her fans by releasing her own photos and videos on her day. Now, once again, Sanji Da’s new look has made her fans’ hearts race.

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The actress showed off wearing a sari.

Sanjida recently shared a video of herself wearing a beautiful pink sari on her Instagram.

Here, I matched a black deep-neck blouse. To complete her look, she wore light makeup and let her hair loose. She looks beautiful in this look.

A post shared by Sanjeeda Shaikh (@iamsanjeeda)

The video went viral on social media.

Here, you can see Sanjida posing in two or more poses in front of the camera. Fans can’t take their eyes off her looks. This video from Sanjeeda got thousands of likes in a short amount of time. Her fans never tire of praising her here.

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Posts of Sanjeeda Sheikh wearing a very deep neck blouse with a sari and submerged in desi colors first appeared unofficially.

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