Disha Pattani made the fans’ hearts flutter by revealing a picture of her wearing a transparent dress

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Disha Pattani: Whatever photo and video actress Disha Pattani shares, it goes viral in the same way. In such a situation, new photos of the actress are raging on the Internet.

Disha Pattani: Bollywood actress Disha Pattani shared a few photos on Instagram. Fans saw this and started to sweat. Disha Patani always shares many photo videos on social media for her fans. Meanwhile, the new photo is heightening the excitement of netizens. You also see this beautiful photo of the actress.

In the photo, Disha Patni is wearing a transparent dress. Also, she posed as a killer for the camera. She is sitting on the ground. In the photo, her slim and toned body is also clearly revealed. See what people’s eyes are slipping.

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The actress shared this photo without writing anything. Only 4 emoticons were applied. To date, the photo has been liked by over 7 million people and has been commented on by over 3,000 people. By the way, whatever photos and videos the actress shares go viral in the same way. In such a situation, this picture is also a hot topic on the Internet now.

Posts shared by Disha patani (paatni) 🦋 (@disshapatani)

Fans are writing pretty, osm, pretty, hot, cute in the comments. Disha Patani has worked in many films. She recently released her actress’s film ‘The Villain Returns’, which was well-received by the public. In this film, she starred alongside actor John Abraham.

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Post Disha Pattani released a picture of her wearing a transparent dress, and when she saw her first appearance in the unofficial news, she moved people’s hearts.

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