Father’s Day 2022: Celebrate Father’s Day with father with these Bollywood songs, remember the old days!

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Father's Day 2022: Celebrate Father's Day with father with these Bollywood songs, remember the old days!

Celebrates Father’s Day 2022 with Bollywood Songs

The place of father has always been high in our culture, and even if it is good, what a father does not try to keep his child happy. But due to busy life, we are not able to give as much time and happiness to our father as he deserves. Father’s Day is on 19th June. This can be a good opportunity for a son-boti, when they can do something to please their father. On this occasion, where people give gifts to their father, they cut the cake. Take the father out for a walk. At the same time, you can make this day special even by sitting at home.

Bollywood also understands the importance of father-son-daughter relationship. Due to which many films like Dangal, Udaan and Piku have been made in Bollywood regarding this special relationship. Seeing whom it is felt that how many struggles a father goes through for the betterment of his child. In every difficult time with his children, he stands firm like a rock.

On this Father’s Day, we have brought some special Bollywood songs for you, which you can listen to while sitting with your father. After listening to these songs, your old memories will also be refreshed.

i am alone, you are alone

our father and we

papa my papa

papa says

oh my dad

where did the flowers come from

harmful bapu

By the way, it is impossible for any child to be free from the debt of the father. But yes, definitely try to fulfill their wishes. Do everything for them that makes them happy. We wish you all a very Happy Father’s Day.

fathers day 2022 celebrate with these bollywood songs

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