Haryanvi Dance Video: Komal Choudhary’s Garda Dance caused a stir on YouTube

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White Rain Dance Video: These days, white rain dancer’s coin, Komal Choudhary, is running on YouTube. Komal is often seen plundering her gatherings with her murderous dance moves and Gadar performances. As soon as another dancer’s performance (Komal Choudhary Dance Video) was released in this episode, it became a hot topic on YouTube. In this video, the dancer is seen making people sweat with her hot gestures.

Komal Chaudhary’s beautiful dance video has been uploaded to a YouTube channel called Mewati Geet. A dancer in white and orange salwar attire performs a staggering dance and latke-jhatka in the Haryanvi song ‘Hi Mere Bichhu Ladgya’.

Watch the video here-

Of course, Komal Chaudhary emerged as a tough contender for the rest of the Haryanvi dancers.

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