Jhanvi Kapoor was seen escaping from cameras late at night, and as soon as the lights were lit in such a dress, she became a victim of the Oops Moment

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Bollywood actresses often wear clothes that are so thin that everything is visible as soon as they turn on the camera. A similar thing happened when Jhanvi Kapoor was discovered late at night.

New Delhi: Bollywood heroines often make this mistake while wearing dresses, making them victims of oops moments. A similar thing happened to Jhanvi Kapoor when the light from the camera fell on his clothes. Along with Janvi Kapur, her father Bonnie Kapur and her sister Kush Kapur also appeared in the video.

purple color dress

In this video, you can see Janhvi Kapoor wearing a purple colored print dress. To complete her look, she did open hair with bright makeup that went very well with her dress.

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Oh, as soon as the camera light came on, I was in the grip of the moment

In the video, you can see the photographer asking Jhanvi, Khushi, and Boney Kapoor to come together and pose. Bonnie Kapoor comes first. However, Janbi and Kush avoided the camera and sat in the car. In this process, the camera’s light shines on the actress’s clothes and her underwear is visible.

Janvi Kapoor was spotted avoiding the camera.

As soon as Jhanvi sat in the car, she was seen hiding a bit in the form of her sister Khushi. It is clear that she was avoiding actors in front of the camera. At the same time, she seems to be thinking that the moment the camera lights up, she doesn’t get stuck in the Oops moment. But as soon as she sits in her car, she tells her photographers that she is sleeping very quickly. So I can’t take pictures.

This video was very viral

At the time, the video garnered a lot of attention. However, this is not the first time the actor has fallen for such an oops moment. This has happened several times before.

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Wearing this dress became a victim of the Oops Moment as soon as a post of Jhanvi Kapoor escaping from the camera late at night was first published in unofficial news.

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