Justin Bieber’s half-face was paralyzed, now it has become such a condition

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World famous pop singer Justin Bieber is currently battling a disease due to which half of his face is paralyzed. Due to this his shows have also been canceled. These days he was also promoting his album Justice, now this promotion has also stopped. Singer’s condition is that he is neither able to blink his eyes nor is he able to laugh.

Justin has shared a video telling about himself and he has told his full condition. Singer said, “As you can see, I can’t blink my eyes. I can’t even laugh at this side of my face. Many people are disappointed because of my show getting cancelled, I want to tell them that I am not physically able at the moment. I hope you guys understand.”

Singer further said, “At the moment I am just resting and trying to recover completely and get back on the set, so that I can do what I was born to do.” Singer Ramsay has this problem. Hunt’s syndrome.It is because of this disease that his face is paralyzed.

India’s show also canceled
This is the third time that Bieber’s India show has been cancelled. Justim’s shows were scheduled to be held in India in 2020, but due to covid-19, the show did not happen. This was the reason in 2021 as well and now in 2022 too the fans have got a setback. Due to being face paralyzed, he will not be able to show once again in India. It is not yet clear how long it will take for them to recover.

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