Mira Rajput, who went beyond the limits of audacity, showed off her youthfulness in a transparent jumpsuit

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Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput is also often in the news because of her looks and dress. As time goes by, Mira is getting bolder day by day. Now again, Meera’s style surprised everyone.

New Delhi: Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor’s wife, Mira Rajput, is far from the acting world, but her attention is as high as a great actress. Mira is no longer interested in the same identity as her husband Shahid. She has created her own place and identity in the minds of her fans. Mira’s fan followers of her are increasing day by day.

Mira is very active on social media.

Meera is very active on social media. Often she shares her own glamorous look with her photos and videos with her fans, sometimes with family, sometimes working out, and sometimes with fans. Whatever she shares, her word of mouth rides on her social media. This time, Mira’s warm visual is a hot topic among her fans.

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Mira showed her dignity in a transparent dress.

Mira recently shared her photos and videos on Instagram. Here she is wearing a black shiny transparent jumpsuit.

As a result, she only wore a black coat. Mira completed her look with her black clutch in her hand. She wears a watch in one hand.

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Mira Rajput looking very sexy

In the photo, Mira is wearing nude makeup with red lipstick and wearing black heels. She made bread from her hair. Mira looks very sexy in this look.

Looking at this avatar, it can be said that she is also becoming bolder day by day. But her fans of Mira are very much in love with her looks.

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Mira is discussing physical fitness issues

It is also noteworthy that Mira is becoming a hot topic among fans with her body shape. If she looks at her Instagram posts, she can often see Mira doing exercises and giving fitness tips.

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Mira Rajput first appeared on inmalnewz with her momentum in a post that pushed the limits of audacity in a see-through jumpsuit.

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