Nikki Tamboli wore a bra blouse that revealed a sari for a photo shoot

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Nikki Tamboli has been making headlines for a while because of her looks. Now again Nikki’s new look is in the spotlight. She recently shared several photos on her own Instagram.

New Delhi: Who is Nikki Tamboli, who proved his best acting skills in the Hindi music video following the Antarctic movie? You probably don’t need to answer this question anymore. After appearing on ‘Big Boss 14’, she has been in constant discussion. Since then, she has gained popularity from house to house. Nikki may not have worked in many TV serials and films, but she often dominates social media because of her new look.

Nicky appears frequently in the news.

Nikki always makes headlines with her sexiness over her projects. Nikki’s fans crave her look. The actress also keeps in touch with her fans through her social media. In such situations, she can often see her stylish and daring look. Now again Nikki shared some of her photos with her fans.

A post shared by Nikki Tamboli (@nikki_tamboli)

Nikki wore a neon green sari for the photo shoot.

In the photo shared on Instagram, Nicky is wearing a neon green sari. This paired her with a very deep neck blouse.

To complete the look, Nikki wore light makeup and left her hair fluttered. Meanwhile, she is showing off her perfect body.

A post shared by Nikki Tamboli (@nikki_tamboli)

The actress inadvertently posed for a hot pose.

Here Nikki offers another killer pose without being punished. In this photo, Nikki looks very glamorous and sexy. In a matter of minutes, this photo had millions of likes and it’s growing rapidly. Her fans lavish her praise on her for her hotness and beauty.

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A post of Nikki Tamboli wearing a sari revealing bra blouse for a photo shoot first appeared in unofficial news.

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