Seeing Ranveer Singh in this condition, his father was furious, his son was ashamed

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Ranveer Singh has left everyone far behind by leaving the mark of his successful acting in the current Bollywood stars. The credit of Ranveer Singh’s success also goes to his family members. Who walked shoulder to shoulder with the actor in every situation. However, there was an occasion when Ranveer’s father Jagjit Singh Bhanani was enraged after seeing one of his advertisements. Actually this is from the year 2014 when a condom manufacturing company signed Ranveer Singh for its advertisement. However, this was not the first time that a film star was doing such an advertisement. Before and after that too many stars have appeared in such advertisements. But during the time Ranveer Singh did this advertisement, he was slowly tasting success.

Ranveer Singh has publicly admitted many times that he is who he is today because of his family. On the other hand, Ranveer Singh also has a strong bond with his father. He has said many times that his father did not leave him in both his good and bad times. Although he tells that there was a time when a project done by Ranveer Singh was not liked by his father at all.

In fact, in the year 2014, Ranveer Singh gave an interview in which he talked about his father’s displeasure. Ranveer had told that once his father told him that many big stars earn a lot of money by shooting advertisements, why don’t you do the same. On this Ranveer Singh had told his father that he would do the same when the right time comes. At the same time, when he told his father about the offer for the advertisement of the condom company, he was not very happy. All he had said to Ranveer at that time was that hope you know what you are doing.

On the other hand, if we talk about work, then Ranveer Singh will soon be seen in Kapil Dev’s biopic 83. Ranveer Singh is going to be seen in the role of Kapil Dev in this film, along with his wife Deepika Padukone is going to be seen as Kapil Dev’s wife in this film. The film will be released in theaters soon.

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