Sofia crossed all limits of shamelessness, told in front of everyone who is bigger between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma

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There are many actresses in the film industry, seeing that people’s hearts start beating. These actresses keep increasing the temperature of social media with their pictures. But today we are talking about a British actress Sophia Hayat. Whose name often remains in the headlines due to controversial statements. Actually, he made a controversial statement on the country’s captain and a great cricketer. Which is now going viral on social media.

Significantly, during her early days in the film industry, Sofia’s name was associated with cricketer Rohit Sharma. Both spent some time together. However, later both of them broke up. After cricketer Rohit Sharma, the name of the actress was associated with the country’s captain Virat Kohli. This was the time when Virat was not the captain. Rather, he used to play on the field like a common cricketer. Both were in a relationship for a few days, after that both of them also broke up and both of them went on separate paths.

Actress Sofia Hayat, while talking about her and Virat’s relationship during an interview, said that Indian cricketers are in love with her. He wants to be in a relationship with her. Along with this, Sofia also told that Rohit and he used to live together. Both had kissed each other in their meeting itself.

After which actress Sofia Hayat tweeted and gave a controversial statement on Indian cricketers. He also did many tweets at once. In which she said that she dated Rohit. But now she is tired. In such a situation, he is looking for a gentleman. Then Sofia in a tweet said obscene things for both of them that ‘Rohit’s is small, while Virat’s is very big’. To which social media users reacted fiercely. Well, at present, all three have progressed a lot in their respective lives. However, these pictures become viral every day on social media.

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