Terrence Lewis caused a stir when the video went viral after touching Nora Fatehi in the wrong place in front of everyone

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Nora Fatehi’s retrospective video received much discussion on social media. In this video, a famous choreographer touched an actress in the wrong place.

retreat: Occasionally dancing, sometimes in reality shows, Bollywood heroines fall into Oops Moment. A similar thing happened to Nora Fateh. After a long time Nora Fateh went to a reality show. Where her man touched her in the wrong place. At the time, this video became a hot topic on social media.

This incident took place in India’s Best Dancer.

The incident happened with Nora Fatehi on the reality show ‘Best Dancer in India’. In this broadcast, it happened that I watched this video again and again on stage with Nora.

Terrence Lewis is misplaced.

Geeta Kapoor, Nora Fatehi and Terence Lewis can be seen on stage in this viral video. Geeta Kapoor is ahead in the video, with Nora Fatehi and Terence Lewis slightly behind. These three people bow and bow to the person with their folded hands. Meanwhile, Terrence Lewis accidentally touches Nora’s back. Since then, this video has gathered a lot of attention on social media.

the actress did not know

Looking at this viral video, it seems that Nora was not aware of this touch. Or say she didn’t respond. However, when this video was posted on social media at the time, people started talking a lot.

Urvashi Rautela also became a victim.

Prior to Nora Fatehi, Urvashi Rautela was also a victim of such an accident. Urvashi went to the party. Beside him stood Bonnie Kapoor. By mistake, Kapoor’s hand fell on Urbash’s back. The video also made headlines at the time. Although the reaction of the actress also came after this video.

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The video went viral after Terrence Lewis touched Nora Fatehi in the wrong place in front of everyone, and the unofficial news went viral.

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