Tridha Choudhury shared a bo*ld video of bik*ini with shirt buttons, and fans were out of control

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Tridha Choudhury’s latest video is becoming more and more viral on social media. In this video, the actress is wearing a bikini and posing as a killer to the camera.

Ashram Fame Bavita: In Baba Nirala’s ‘Ashram’, Bavita’s audacity beyond the limits of hot scenes does not stop. In the ‘Ashram’ web series, Tridha Choudhary made a scene so intimate with Baba Nirala that people still discuss her scenes. At the same time, Tridha Chaudhary is making headlines all over her on her social media, showing her inside her pool wearing her bikini. What’s special is that as soon as the actress shared this video on social media, her looks began to be discussed everywhere.

The confusion of bik*ini

In this video, Tridha Choudhary showed off her perfect body in a blue bikini. She added a glamorous touch by wearing a buttoned open blue shirt over her bikini. At the same time, her criminal was seen posing while wearing goggles.

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water fire

In this video, the actress is sitting on one side of the pool. In the video, the actress sits in a swimming pool, sometimes shaking her head, and sometimes performing killer-style magic in front of the camera. She was also seen holding a glass of juice in her hand.

self-shared videos

Tridha Choudhary herself shared this video on her official Instagram. She shared the video, and in the caption she wrote, ‘You may call me Jasmine.’ Earlier, Tridha Chaudhary shared another video of her having fun with her friends on her social media.

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Ashram’s identity

Tridha Chaudhary can be seen in many serials. However, her career was only successful in the ‘Ashram’ web series. In all three seasons of this web series, Tridha Choudhary has shown a daring temper that makes her fans sweat.

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